Op-Ed: Mainstream Mental Health Awareness Can Hurt People With Mental Illness

Mainstream mental health “awareness,” at least how it's done now, hurts people with mental illness. The movement was never meant for those who are actually stigmatized. Feeling “blue” has never been stigmatized, so why are people talking about it and pretending that they are doing something revolutionary? Our mission is different. We aim to make important information more accessible, to advocate for those who actually face stigma and bias, and to create more resources and/or make them more available.

The Intersection Between Psychiatric Misdiagnoses of Schizophrenia and anti-Black Racism

The word “schizophrenia” originates from ancient Greek and roughly translates to “split mind,” indicating a split or break from objective reality. This pertains more specifically to schizophrenia spectrum illnesses such as schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder, but not other psychotic illnesses like the primary mood disorders. 

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