The Silver Lining

By Tanisha Mehta

The Covid-19 pandemic has been nothing but an uphill climb. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has been nothing but an uphill climb, a tumultuous and painful path, for millions of people and families across the world, including mine. Although it is extremely important to recognize the millions of lives lost, salaries cut, jobs terminated, and the decline in mental health for many, it is also necessary to remain optimistic, to look past this darkness and find the light. Just take a minute to reflect on your life this past year and half. Was there at least one thing you gained from the pandemic?

Let me give you my personal example. I absolutely never believed my family would get a dog. I used to constantly beg my parents for one, but each time they would shut me down with the same few responses: “too much work,” “too much responsibility,” “just not the right time,” etc… I’m guessing you know the rest. However, around 5 months ago, my parents finally yielded. 1 week later, an adorable goldendoodle puppy was scampering around my house. When I think back on it, if it weren’t for the pandemic, my parents would never have agreed to get a dog because we wouldn't have had the capacity and time to nurture and train a puppy. 

One amazing thing the pandemic helped me realize is the value of school and the importance of an in-person education. After over a year of online school, leading to minimal social interactions with teachers, friends, and peers, I have seen just how big of a role my school plays in enriching all aspects of my life.

Although constantly being locked up at home with my family has been frustrating at times, this pandemic has made me appreciate my family more than ever before. It has made me realize just how lucky I am that I have 3 people who unconditionally love and support me, especially during difficult times like these. Being in such close quarters for over a year has brought me closer to my family than I have ever been, something I am immensely grateful for.

And now, with the vaccine (and booster, etc...), it seems that, as a society, we are approaching being ready to step out of this pandemic and move on with our lives, but not without remembering those we have lost. The Covid-19 vaccine represents some semblance of normality, a beacon of hope for those who have suffered deeply through this pandemic. 

Now you may not have personally experienced  some of the “silver linings” I’ve mentioned, or at least maybe not the puppy part, but you can agree that everything has an end, even deadly viruses. So please appreciate your family (or caregivers), if you are a student appreciate your school, and most importantly please get vaccinated, because it is not only your life you are holding in your hands, but the lives of all those who are close to you.