The Countless Impacts of COVID-19 on Youth Mental Health

How has Covid-19 impacted mental health? Overall, Covid-19 has negatively impacted the mental health of children all over the world.

Yet another victim of the Covid-19 pandemic: an increase in children’s screen time. 

Perhaps one of the most disturbing and terrifying aspects of Covid-19 is the increase in child abuse since the beginning of the pandemic. Child abuse is a huge catalyst for declines in childrens’ mental health. 

How important is school...really? School closures. A short-term dream come true and a long-term nightmare. 

Covid-19 has been a harbinger of doom for the economy. The pandemic has wreaked havoc on not only global economies, but ordinary mothers, fathers, and workers who have been impacted by this economic peril. 

Being isolated is not easy. I mean sure, most people had their family with them, but it’s just not the same. Isolation is even harder for children. Millions of children don’t have phones, social media, or any way to communicate with their friends and peers; millions of children can’t even drive yet either.

As if Covid-19 wasn’t harmful enough for children's’ mental health, it is even more dangerous to the mental health of children with pre-existing conditions (e.g. children previously diagnosed with depression) and special needs (e.g. children with autism spectrum disorder).