What Parents/Caregivers Can Do for Youth

Whether kids like it or not, caregivers are often the most significant people in their lives. Most caregivers, at the basic minimum, provide children with food, a roof over their head, and the basic necessities they need to survive. It is because of this bond that caregivers have a big influence on their children.

Routines keep us grounded, which can be extremely beneficial during times of change, such as a worldwide pandemic. We know family routines can keep us grounded, but can they protect our mental health in times of crisis?

A simple solution for caregivers concerned about their child’s mental health during the pandemic is opening lines of communication. Open communication (from the caregivers’ end) means having honest discussions with your child about the state of the pandemic, and truly listening in order to understand how your child is feeling too.

Imran, Zeshan, and Pervaiz (2020) provided a collection of tips and considerations for parents to refer to in supporting their children’s mental health.