Meet the MHY Team

Tanisha Mehta

Founder & CEO

A message from the founder....

People often ask me why I care so deeply about mental health, why I have such a passion for advocacy and awareness. I always find myself replying with the same one sentence answer, "Because I understand." To be quite honest, a few years ago, I didn't give much thought to mental health. To me, mental health was a silent character, a distant voice in the background; physical health always seemed more important, more present, more "visible." I could not have been more wrong. 

Salma Metwally

Salma Metwally is a high school student from California. She enjoys researching political affairs, history, psychiatry, and neuroscience, and is especially passionate about health equity, psychopharmacology, and battling mental health stigma. As part of the MHY team, she primarily writes for the blog, but helps organize events and brainstorm growth strategies as well. 

Anvi Sinha

Anvi Sinha is a current high school senior from San Jose, California. She is most interested in neuroscience and business, but has a special passion for mental health awareness and destigmatization. Anvi manages outreach on social media, writes content, and helps plan events/fundraisers as part of the MHY team.

Riley Gonzalez

Riley Gonzalez is a high school student from Dublin, CA. They are heavily interested in psychology at the moment, specifically developmental psychology and mental health disorders. They are a blog writer for MHY as well as doing outreach for the organization. They have loved being a part of MHIY because of the message they teach about protecting mental health and reminding people that it's okay to ask for help!

Sanjana Raghavan 

Sanjana Raghavan is in high school and from California. Her passions involve civil rights, mental health, and psychology. She aims to fight discrimination of any kind now and in the future. At MHY she primarily works on outreach, while writing for the blog and giving ideas.

Pranav Medida

Pranav Medida is a high school senior from San Jose, California. Through his experience in the pandemic, he’s understood the importance of mental health and its acknowledgment. He’s committed to helping others in their struggle through their mental health and breaking the stigma around it. As part of MHY, Pranav primarily helps plan various events/fundraisers.

Joey Shen

Head of MHY Canada

Joey Shen is a senior from Vancouver, BC. He is the head of the Canada branch of MHY, based in Vancouver. He has done research at the University of British Columbia, UC Santa Barbara, Fermilab in Illinois, and Jiao Tong University. He is passionate about medicine, philosophy, and empowering people through providing mental health support. As part of the team, he is primarily in charge of the Canada branch, but also writes for the blog and participates in various outreach events.