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Our organization's mission is to support, understand, and advocate for youth in our diverse society, particularly those struggling with mental health challenges. By educating others and encouraging members of our community to take part in mental health advocacy, we hope to reduce the stigma around mental health, and spread awareness about this very real, immediate issue. 

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Tanisha Mehta

Founder & CEO

A message from the founder...

People often ask me why I care so deeply about mental health, why I have such a passion for advocacy and awareness. I always find myself replying with the same one sentence answer, "Because I understand." To be quite honest, a few years ago, I didn't give much thought to mental health. To me, mental health was a silent character, a distant voice in the background; physical health always seemed more important, more present, more "visible." I could not have been more wrong. 


What is mental health? How has COVID-19 impacted youth mental health? Check out our blog, which contains posts ranging from a crash course in mental health to the impact of COVID-19 on youth mental health, as well as what parents can do for youth.


There are a multitude of ways you can be a mental health advocate and take part in raising mental health awareness. Together, we can break the stigma surrounding mental health. All you need to do is take a stand, and play your part in mental health advocacy.

Mental Health Resources

Struggling with your mental health? Seeking professional help? We've provided a list of mental health resources, ranging from local to nationwide organizations. 

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