First, let’s start with some background information about me. My name is Tanisha; some of you may know who I am and some of you may not (this section is for you). I am currently a sophomore at a private high school in the Bay Area. I have a sweet younger brother and an amazing mom and dad. I also have an adorable, handsome little goldendoodle puppy, the newest addition to our family.

This project is something I have wanted to do for quite some time. Under the guidance of a program called Polygence, I was able to turn my vision into reality. Mental health is very important to me. I believe in mental health awareness and advocacy. Talking about and understanding mental health is slowly gaining importance in the minds of many. Even still, it can be unbelievably difficult for those who struggle with a mental illness to seek and access high quality, professional help.

The goal of my blog is to educate people about the ways Covid-19 has influenced mental health and, in doing so, reduce the stigma surrounding mental health in my community. Increasing awareness will hopefully serve as a reminder that no one is alone in navigating the mental health consequences of Covid-19. So please, let this blog serve as a reminder to make an effort to embrace mental health as something just as critical as physical health.